Trump makes order to make health care costs more transparent

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Trump makes order to make health care costs more transparent

The new decree aims to reduce the costs of medical care by providing more transparency. But some experts say it could do the opposite.
Resident Donald Trump signed an order Monday to increase transparency of health care costs.

The ordinance establishes regulations that will require health insurers and health care providers to disclose information about what the patient could actually afford to pay.

It is intended to reduce medical costs by indicating prices in advance to consumers. The idea is that if people can compare prices to find a better price, it will help reduce market costs.

“With this prescription, hospitals should publish prices that reflect the actual price paid by users, in a clear, direct and accessible way for all,” said President Trump. “You will be able to calculate the price among many potential suppliers, you will get great prices, the prices will fall into numbers you do not even believe.”

Even in this case, it is not clear how the order will be executed. Some analysts say there is no strong evidence that the method is helping to drive down prices and may end up having the opposite effect, in part by showing suppliers what their competitors are charging.

The Trump administration has focused on price transparency in health care and revealed its plans last year to return to work with the US drug pricing system. UU

Last month, the White House put pressure on the Congress to draft a bill to end “unexpected” medical bills.

Shortly thereafter, HHS announced a rule requiring drug manufacturers to display drug catalog prices in television ads. Some pharmaceutical companies dispute this move in the courts.

The new executive order is already facing rejection from industrial groups.

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