The pastor answers what has been done. The Virginia pastor wrote that the White House had called just before the arrival of the president

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The pastor answers what has been done.

The Virginia pastor wrote that the White House had called just before the arrival of the president and asked him to pray for Trump as part of “Pray for President Trump’s Day”.

WASHINGTON – A pastor’s explanation of President Donald Trump‘s sudden visit to his Franklin Graham church, titled “Donald Trump Day’s Oren”, challenges a widely publicized statement by the White House who went there to pray for the victims Friday at Virginia Beach.

David Platt, pastor of the McLean Bible Church, located a few miles from Trump Golf Course in northern Virginia, said in a statement that his first thing he learned about Trump’s visit was after the end of a sermon Sunday for the late

“Ils m’ont immédiatement appelé dans les coulisses pour me dire que le président des États-Unis se rendait à l’église, qu’il serait là dans quelques minutes et que nous aimerions prier pour lui”, a écrit Platt.

Quelques heures auparavant, il avait mentionné la “prière de Donald Trump” de Graham, que le fils du célèbre évangéliste avait décrétée ce dimanche. “Beaucoup d’entre vous ont peut-être vu qu’il y avait eu des appels pour, surtout ce dimanche, prier pour notre président”, a déclaré Platt à sa congrégation lorsque Trump était à ses côtés.

La Maison Blanche, cependant, avait donné une raison différente pour la visite. Au moment où Trump entrait dans l’église, le bureau de presse a envoyé une déclaration dans laquelle il était indiqué: “pour rendre visite au pasteur et prier pour les victimes et la communauté de Virginia Beach”.

La déclaration a été recueillie par des centaines de médias à travers le pays et dans le monde, dont certains l’ont utilisée pour faire suite au massacre de vendredi qui avait fait 12 morts et plusieurs autres hospitalisés dans un état critique.

Cependant, durant tout le séjour de 16 minutes de Trump, Platt n’a pas mentionné le tir, et Trump n’a jamais parlé (de la prise de vue ou de quelque chose d’autre) au-delà de remercier Platt après.

Au lieu de cela, le président était sur scène, vêtu d’une veste sombre, d’une chemise de golf bleue, d’un pantalon kaki et de bâtons de golf, tandis que Platt priait pour lui. Dans une main, il attrapa un chapeau de golf blanc, révélant des cheveux glissants qui lui collaient à la tête, un changement par rapport à la coiffure élaborée que Trump porte habituellement en public.

El presidente Donald Trump mira a la multitud después de haber sido orado en la Iglesia Bíblica McLean, en Viena, Virginia, el domingo 2 de junio de 2019.

PLatt wrote that he posted his letter on the church’s website late Sunday, because some members of the congregation had been “hurt” by his decision to authorize a Trump hearing. Virginia Beach is not mentioned anywhere in the word missive.

“My purpose was not in any way to support the president, his policies or his party, but to obey God’s mandate to pray for our president and other leaders,” wrote Platt.

Platt informed HuffPost that he did not do media interviews about the episode.

“He had time to understand what had happened and I think he understood that this president had completely interpreted it,” said Kendal Unruh, a Christian teacher at the Colorado School and a former Republican activist who had directed the failed efforts of the convention. of 2016 to get rid of Trump as a party candidate.

From Trump, she said, “He was not going to pray for the victims, it was not his purpose to go in. It’s a photo shoot on stage, that’s all it is.”

HuffPost has been asking the White House for three days about the origins of his claim that Trump would have gone to a church near his golf course to pray for the victims of a shooting that happened 230 kilometers away. southeast corner of Virginia. The press officers, however, declined to give more details and instead referred to the original statement.

The chronology of the day, based on reports from the White House and Platt’s statement, actually suggests an ad hoc, last-minute visit, which resulted in a commander in chief who was sweating and attending church in his golf games and fouls:

8:58 am: Trump’s caravan leaves the White House. The pool did not see Trump, but he noticed that the staff were wearing golf clothes.

9:35 AM Trump’s caravan arrives at Trump Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia.

1pm: Platt receives the news that Trump wants to visit and that Platt is praying for him. Platt is honoring the request.

1:59 pm: Trump’s caravan leaves the golf course.

14:20: The caravan arrives at the McLean Bible Church in Tysons.

2:36 pm: Trump leaves the church.

“It is hard to say that he was there to pray for the victims of the shooting when nothing was said about the victims,” ​​said Rick Tyler, Republican political consultant who worked for the candidate who has the most worked during the presidential primary of 2016. hard to win an evangelical Christian vote, senator ted cruz de texas. “It would probably help if you were praying for someone, you should mention it, maybe it’s just me.”

But even if the shooting in Virginia Beach was perhaps not on the agenda, Graham’s “Praying for Donald Trump Day” was clear.

On Sunday, May 26, Graham, a convinced supporter of Trump, asked his preachers and all Christians to pray for Trump. “Many Christian leaders across the country and I ask you to take a moment during this day to pray for President Donald Trump,” Graham said in a video. “I do not think any president in the history of this nation has been attacked more than Donald Trump.”

Trump acknowledged Graham’s decree Saturday night: “We’ll all be together and WIN! Thanks Franklin.”

Graham, who now runs the ministry founded by his father, Reverend Billy Graham, was not available to comment, according to a spokesman.

Unruh said the day’s schedule showed that it was obvious that Trump or his collaborators only remembered after his arrival at the golf course that it was Trump’s special day of prayer, and then they rushed to find a place to pray. for him.

She said that she thought Platt’s prayer was inspired. He asked God to give Trump wisdom for the good of the land: “Fools despise wisdom and instruction, please, oh my God, give him wisdom.

“It was a big prayer,” Unruh said. “I’m glad he prayed for him.”

However, he added that the reaction of the evangelicals, who, like Trump, had been very different. “Trump’s supporters are angry because the pastor did not pray for Trump to be re-elected and hurt his enemies, the” libs, “Unruh said. “You must think that’s what Jesus wrote in the arena:” To you, libs. “

Evangelical white Christians are the only major demographic group that supports Trump. According to recent Pew polls, Trump only approves 37% of Americans in general, but 69% of white evangelical Christians.

Many have justified this support to Trump, famous for capturing on tape that claimed that his fame had allowed him to seize women by the genitals and that he had been sued thousands of times for not having honored the contracts he had signed. artisans and suppliers. In biblical times, God used imperfect or even immoral leaders to promote their goals.

Tyler, who said he was surprised to see so many self-proclaimed evangelicals supporting Trump on Cruz, still can not explain it.

“They have been told that Trump is good for the pro-life movement and will face the war on Christianity,” he said. “That’s how we lost the south, the evangelicals went to Trump, no question.

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