the 25 best paid jobs in New York Citye

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the 25 best paid jobs in New York Citye.

Are your career aspirations as big as a Manhattan skyscraper? These are the jobs in New York that can help you bite the big apple.

Have you ever wondered what kind of work you would get from a glowing stone in New York City, a wardrobe full of designer clothes on Fifth Avenue, urban city car rides, dinner in the other luxuries from life in Manhattan’s elite? The answer is the type of work that pays you a very high salary.

Monster PayRight data recently identified the highest paid jobs in New York, most of them in Suite C and in the health sector.

All the jobs on the list are at least a quarter of a million dollars, and some of them pay about $ 1 million a year. Of course, you should consider the high cost of living in New York, 68% higher than the national average, according to the financial technology company SmartAsset, but as they say: if you can do it here, you can do it n anywhere.

Bite the Big Apple and see the full list of high-paying jobs below to earn a salary as high as a Manhattan skyscraper.

Jobs in New York:

1- Executive director –APPLY  NOW  ? ✔

Average salary: $ 852,500 per year

2- neurosurgeon   –APPLY  NOW ? ✔

Average salary: $ 690,700 per year

3 – Medical Director of the Cancer Center  -APPLY NOW ? ✔

Average salary: $ 681,900 per year

4 -Dean of Medicine   -APPLY NOW ? ✔

Average salary: $ 634,100 per year

5- President of the medical department  -APPLY NOW ? ✔

Average salary: $ 628,800 per year

6- Business Partner -APPLY NOW ? ✔

Average salary: $ 575,800 per year

7- Director of Innovation -APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 538,000 per year

8- Operations Director-APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 536,800 per year

9- Pediatric surgeon -APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 534,500 per year

10- Plastic surgeon and reconstructor APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 510,600 per year

11- radiologist APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 505,200 per year

12- In charge of marketing, advertising and communication APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 436,200 per year

13- Investment Director APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 427,100 per year

14- Medical Director –

Average salary: $ 426,100 per year

15-  Director of Academic Affairs  -APPLY NOW ?

Average salary: $ 422,000 per year

16- Director of Property Management Services

Average salary: $ 417,900 per year

17- General Counsel

Average salary: $ 406,200 per year

18- Financial director

Average salary: $ 404,000 per year

19- Dean of the law

Average salary: $ 390,100 per year

20- Dean of Business

Average salary: $ 350,800 per year

21- Scientific Director

Average salary: $ 347,500 per year

22- Portfolio Management Framework

Average salary: $ 331,600 per year

23- Head of Mergers & Acquisitions

Average salary: $ 321,100 per year

24- IT manager

Average salary: $ 318,400 per year

25- Head of Retail Banking

Average salary: $ 242,400 per year

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