Robots will replace men in bed in less than 10 years

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Robots will replace men in bed in less than 10 years

British futurologist and mathematician Ian Pearson, founder of Futurizon, has 85% accuracy in his losses and predicts that in less than ten years, relations with robots or humanoids will be the most popular on the planet. Adult movies on the web will become a virtual reality in 2025, millionaires can start experimenting with robots, and in 2050 all that happens in the bed will be with humanoids.

The introduction of these robots will be like the beginnings of adult movies, people who did not watch these intimate scenes before the Internet have already adapted and become normal. The robots will be accepted in the same way that technology and innovation will give these machines a human aspect, so that those who use them can not realize that it is a machine, but simply satisfy their needs. However, Pearson recognizes that there will be doubts at the beginning and that it will take time to adapt to these new creations.

Robots will replace men in bed in less than 10 years
Robots will replace men in bed in less than 10 years

“People will have doubts at the beginning and will be reserved to maintain relations with the robots, but over time, the mechanical behavior, the artificial intelligence and the appearance of the machines will improve, the doubts will disappear and the people will finish to connect emotionally with robots, “says Pearson.

David Levy predicts that human-machine fusion will be a positive thing for millions of people who do not have good relationships. Robots can be a blessing because they would help to improve the loneliness problems of people who abuse children.

Anthropologist Kathleen Richardson and other experts in robotics ethics have launched a campaign against robots and asked consumers of this product “to examine their consciences” before supporting the development of a technology with irreversible consequences in life real. The campaign is against the launch of True Companion, which announced at the end of this year the first robotic doll, ready to help people and fill a void to find happiness without human interaction.

Madness or a great invention ?, This is a subject that will please many others and who will not like it if you agree or not with this class of machines, leave a comment with your arguments. (Also read: 7 works that will be replaced by robots in ten years)

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